Careers in Agricultural Science

Why Study Soil (video)

Soil is key to many environmental issues and is a critical zone where the sciences come together to work on crucial issues facing humanity, from climate change to public health, with agencies from USDA to NASA.

Understanding the Major (video)

What does a degree in Soil Science or Environmental Science get you? Learn about internships, jobs with the USDA, and research on carbon sequestration and drinking water remediation.

Overcoming Personal Road Blocks (video)

Events in students' personal lives can create roadblocks in progress through a college degree – get advice for negotiating these challenges and finding help.

Overcoming Academic Struggles (video)

Being challenged is part of growing and learning. Help is available, from tutoring services, your professors, your classmates, and online resources.

Choosing A Career (video)

Soil science offers a wide variety of career options on many topics – everywhere from rainforests to deserts and all around the world.

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